The Shanghai Municipal Police - 上海国际公共租界巡捕房

The Shanghai Municipal Police collections include images gathered in the course of research on the history of the Shanghai Municipal Police (SMP), which was published as Robert Bickers, Empire Made Me: An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai (2003). This force policed the International Settlement at Shanghai from 1854-1943. These photographs have mostly come from relatives of some of the 2,300-plus British men who served in the force. Some were collected from the Shanghai Municipal Archives, or from contemporary published works. The subjects are varied, and there are images here of training, beat work, leisure and social life as well as formal portraits and identification photographs taken from SMP personnel files. We have not been able to identify a number of the men portrayed here in group or individual photographs, and we would be most interested to hear from those who might be able to help us put names to these Shanghai faces.

Shanghai Municipal Police collections


William Armstrong (1867-1931, served Shanghai Municipal Police 1893-1927) rose to become Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the SMP (the detective branch) from August 1918 until his resignation in 1927. This collection includes photographs from police and other sources recording major political events that took place in Shanghai, such as the aftermath of the 1925 May 30th incident, as well as images he appears to have taken himself on houseboat leisure trips in the Taihu region west of Shanghai.


A set of photographs relating to the accidental death and funeral of Sub-Inspector John Crowley, a Shanghai policeman, 1927-28, from a scrap book also containing related ephemera.


Harold Edwards Peck was a policeman and colleague of John Sullivan, in the Shanghai Municipal Police. The photographs date from 1880s to 1910s, taken or acquired by Harold Peck.


A small collection of photographs, including three formal group portraits of Shanghai policemen - part of one of these is featured on this page.


John Sullivan was a policeman and colleague of Harold Peck, in the Shanghai Municipal Police. 1910s.


The Young collection consists of images of Shanghai, 1900s - 1920s.




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